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Underfloor heating (UFH) is fast becoming the most popular form of heating, Tile Inspirations of Honiton, Devon offer a supply and installation service for Under Tile Heating.

Under Tile Heating refers to radiant heating methods that are installed between the floor and the tiles. The radiant heating system, typically hydronic or electric, is installed in between the firm base of the house flooring and the tiles laid onto the floor. Most typically the in-floor heating system will be within the cementing between a concrete or wooden base and a tiled floor.

It is easy why underfloor heating has become so popular, as it is inexpensive to install, economical to run, there is no maintenance and more importantly the heat distribution is total.

Underfloor heating can be used under almost every floor type an when laid on top of an existing floor and covered with tiles the floor height is raised no more than 20mm. 

As with every form of heating there are inevitably advantages and disadvantages. Tile Inspirations of Honiton, Devon, outline the pros and cons that are associated with this modern form of heating.


  • Even distribution of heat across the room
  • Easy to install requiring no special skills
  • Unobtrusive / Invisible
  • No restriction on the placement of furniture
  • Quiet in use
  • Very little maintenance is required
  • Individual room temperature control
  • No risk of contact with hot surfaces
  • Fabric temperature of building maintained.


  • Long heat up period
  • Requires major disruption on existing buildings
  • Long cooling down period
  • Cannot respond rapidly to quick temperature changes
  • Choice of floor finishing requires careful consideration
  • Changes of floor finish may affect performance.

The area where the floor heating is to be fitted is measured. A sketch is made of the floor to determine the size of the electric underfloor heat mat needed and marked to indicate where it should be placed and position of it's power supply connections. The mat must start and finish at the same place.

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